Confidence through Advanced Environmental COVID-19 Testing

Environmental lab for SARS-CoV-2 — empowering health, business, and government leaders.

Source Molecular is now a LuminUltra company

“Our main priority at LuminUltra continues to be to deliver reliable solutions and options to help customers improve their safety and testing protocols,” says LuminUltra Chairman and CEO Pat Whalen. “This natural next step for LuminUltra and Source Molecular will enable us to further meet our shared objective to deliver greater access to a full suite of industry leading solutions, increasing testing capacity worldwide and directly helping to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.”


The Solution Starts with the Source

When days and hours matter, leaders need insights that give them a critical edge to make confident and informed decisions. Source Molecular is ready to help.


Identify and track sources of pollution and disease to lay the foundation for effective clean-up and remediation strategies.


Test and analyze water, soil, surfaces and air to assess wide-ranging risks and design targeted solutions.


Conduct environmental sampling to detect, monitor and address emerging pathogenic threats — from COVID-19 to superbugs and beyond.


Design and administer studies based on each partner’s unique needs to deliver valuable data and targeted insights.

“Source Molecular really stepped up to improve our project with additional fecal validation testing when we were faced with the big loss of samples. I have worked with a lot of chemistry labs and Source Molecular’s accessibility, expertise and professionalism far exceeds them all.”

Rob Zisette, Principal Aquatic Scientist

Herrera Environmental Consultants

“Source Molecular is our go-to resource for commercial analytical services for DNA markers. They use state-of-the-art technology, their lab analysts are educated and well-trained and they continue to keep their thumbs on the pulse of the latest scientific advancements and method standardizations.”

Brandon Steets, Sr. Principal Engineer

Geosyntec Consultants

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