Our National Impact

Source Molecular is achieving meaningful outcomes from coast to coast.

  • Identified stream reaches affected by human and cow fecal pollution
  • Held targeted stakeholder meetings to discuss BMPs to address the sources of fecal
  • Demonstrated absence of leaks in abandoned sewage system
  • Documented persistent contribution from birds
  • Allocated limited funds to further sewer investigations and repairs along more appropriate sections
  • Designed and implemented non-structural BMPs to reduce pollution from gulls
  • Prioritized areas of sanitary sewer in need of further investigation and repair
  • Targeted public education campaign to registered pet owners
  • Cliff swallows under bridge determined to be most consistent source
  • Identified some areas with potential human source follow up sampling planned
  • Located & repaired sanitary pipe
  • Abatement of human bacteria in dry weather
  • Located wet weather source of sanitary leak
  • $700k repair project underway
  • Identified stream reaches and swim beaches affected by human fecal pollution
  • Identified MS4 drain segments needing further investigation to locate source of human bacteria
  • Determined human is a consistent source at downstream of tributary
  • Prioritized stream reaches to conduct targeted sampling to locate sources of human fecal pollution
  • Cost effectively demonstrated absence of illicit connections and leaking sewer in extensive urban MS4
  • Notified local authorities of direct fecal contributions from homeless encampments
  • Resource managers eliminated leaking sewers as a source of high fecal coliform levels
  • Park staff increased enforcement of dog restrictions at beach

Meet Our Team

Intent on providing the highest quality of service, SMC invests heavily in lab personnel, training and using the most advanced technology. SMC’s team includes microbial ecologists, geneticists, biologists, and experts in environmental law as well as public relations. While underpinned by high academic excellence, SMC staff also bring extensive practical experience crafting collaborative solutions to ever more complex water quality problems.

SMC staff have published numerous peer-reviewed articles in prestigious academic journals such as Water Research , Environmental Science & Technology, Science, and Nature and have led local, regional, state, and national projects on pollution diagnosis, water quality improvement, and molecular technology development, with budgets ranging from thousands to millions of dollars.

Yiping Cao, Ph.D.

Gretchen Clark

Doug Gramajo

James Herrin

Mark McIntosh

Anda Quintero, Ph.D.

Daron Stein

Meet our CTO

Dr. Cao leads with a passion to provide practical solutions to real world problems and an extensive multidisciplinary background in research, development and technology transfer. She is trained in Molecular Microbiology, Applied Statistics, Environmental Engineering and Chemistry, and has published extensively on subjects ranging from public health, bioremediation, microbial community responses to environmental stress, microbial source tracking and advanced molecular technology.

“We turn the amazing advancements made by the research and technology communities into solutions for the betterment of public health and the environment.”


Source Molecular Corporation (“SMC”) was founded in 2002 in the State of Florida. Today, headquartered in Miami, SMC is the world leader in molecular forensics for water, soil and air quality. SMC brings research and implementation together providing practical solutions to real-world water problems. SMC’s science tackles the root causes of waterbody ills, identifying the disease (or diseases), linking causation with effect, and creating attainable solutions.

Over the past decade and a half, SMC has worked closely with hundreds of organizations to address water quality issues. Drawn to its ISO 17025 accreditation, our partners include industry plants,watershed management groups, state and federal government agencies, universities and engineering firms looking for unbiased and consistent data needed for informed decision-making. SMC’s central lab is the world’s only accredited molecular forensics lab.

Quality Control and Accreditation

Source Molecular is the only dedicated Microbial Source Tracking laboratory in the world to be ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited.