SMART qPCR Management Platform

The Source Molecular Analytic Research Tool (SMART) is an industry leading secure cloud based software management system that empowers Labs to perform Molecular Source Tracking workflow from sample receipt to data analysis.

 SMART makes MST simple and easy:

  • No more combing through literature for validated reagents and concentrations
  • No more setting up complicated spreadsheets to figure our how to set up reactions
  • No more navigating complex qPCR machine software to set up plate and thermal conditions
  • No more wondering what and how to perform QA/QC and statistical procedures for qPCR data analysis

Just select your sample, the PCR assay and the type of qPCR machine, load your plate and hit RUN!

SMART automatically implements sophisticated QA/QC, quantification, provide recommended action for the plate and each sample.

SMART Data Management

SaaS platform hosted at Amazon Web Service with a guaranteed 99.9 uptime and continuous backup

HTTPS, Password Protected . Control users’ viewing and editing permissions to protect data quality and confidentiality.


We understand your need for data integrity. We understand the tough part of working with multiple spreadsheets and finding the data when needed. You need to know everything and see all the data now. Join the revolution its time to migrate from spreadsheets

SMART PCR Integration

As easy as 1,2,3. SMART integrates with Biorad and Thermofisher

  1. Select samples and create the PCR Plate map
  2. Create the PCR test script and upload to the PCR machine
  3. Analyze your PCR results to calculate concentration

SMART makes working with PCR simple and easy. Why waste time manually creating PCR test scripts. SMART automatically creates the test script and sets up your plate design. Once results are ready SMART removes subjectivity and analyzes all results

SMART Lab Management

  • Manage Freezer Space
  • Manage Lab Consumables
    Manage reagents and other consumables.

Never run out of lab consumables. Never wait for long lead consumables that you forgot to order. Never over order expensive consumables that expire. SMART keeps tracks expirey dates and tracks consumable volumes to the milliliter so you can concentrate on generating revenue