COVID-19 Testing

Concerned about COVID-19 virus in your environment?

Source Molecular is offering testing of environmental samples for the 2019-nCoV virus (a.k.a. SARS-Cov-2, COVID-19 virus) responsible for the COVID-19 disease.

Your Questions

  • Building managers (Hotels, Restaurants, Cruise ships, Hospitals, Nursing homes, Warehouse operations, Office buildings): Are surfaces in my building clean? Should I be worried about indoor air quality?
  • Decontamination service providers: Are decontamination / disinfection procedures effective?
  • Wastewater agencies: Is there COVID-19 virus in the raw wastewater? What about solids? Can I get data to better protect my wastewater workers?
  • Public health / policy makers: What is the extent of COVID-19 spread in my community? Given infeasibility to test everyone for COVID-19, how do I use sewage surveillance to help with early warning, or to help decide starting or lifting social distancing?
  • Environmental management: We have combined sewer overflow and other potential risk factors, is there virus contamination in my surface water or sediments?

Our Analyses

Environmental samples we can analyze include the following. If you don’t see the type of samples you wish to analyze here, please contact us.

  • Surface swabs
  • Wastewater (more)
  • Surface water
  • Solid (sediment, biosolid)
  • Indoor air samples

Your Results

  • Presence/absence and quantification results in the same report
  • Turn around time in as little as two to three business days
  • Standard reporting is in .pdf format

Call 786-220-4651 for special arrangement on turn around time, reporting format.

Ready to Start?

Click here to request for surface sampling kits, or here for wastewater sampling kits.

Click here for sending in questions / inquiries, or other sampling supplies.

Or just call 786-220-4651. We are here to assist you.