SMART Total Solution for Acquiring qPCR Testing Capacity in Your Lab

SMART Total Solution for Acquiring qPCR Testing Capacity in Your Lab

Molecular testing is becoming the gold standard for testing in many sectors. In fact, quantitative PCR (qPCR) is the major workhorse for COVID-19 testing for both clinic and environmental samples. Nevertheless, molecular testing such as qPCR can be difficult in many labs:

  • The need to comb through literature for validated assays, their reagents and concentrations
  • The need to memorize extremely long and verbose protocols
  • The need to set up complicate spreadsheet to figure out how to set up reactions
  • The need to navigate complex qPCR machine software to setup plate and thermal conditions
  • The struggle on what and how to perform QA/QC and statistical procedure for qPCR data analysis
  • The resource drain from long training period and decline of proficiency over time
  • The struggle to identify and purchase the suite of reagents needed from multiple vendors and to obtain expertise to process and certify standard material
  • Lack of digitized and systematic tracking that readily relates quality control parameters to each other and to data points
  • Lack of full traceability between raw and processed molecular testing data
  • Lack of expertise converting data into digestible and actionable knowledge at the project level

Do any of these barriers sound familiar?

Source Molecular aims to provide a SMART total solution to liberate your lab from these constraints:

  • Our SMART qPCR software provides cradle-to-grave real-time operational guidance, automation of laborious and complex laboratory components, and full spectrum quality tracking and data relation and report-generation
  • Our curated SMART qPCR kits greatly reduce friction in needs to validate assays and acquiring consumables

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