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COVID-19 Virus Environmental Testing: Know What You Are Getting

Ever wonder what you are getting when you receive a COVID-19 testing report? Ever wonder how the COVID-19 testing results are generated? Ever wonder what is behind the simple “positive / negative” result report?

Wastewater Surveillance of COVID-19 Virus: Help Inform and Communicate Plans for Reopening Businesses

Support data-based decision making for COVID-19 pandemic control.

Wastewater Surveillance for COVID-19

Are you concerned about community transmission of COVID-19 and extent of the viruses spread in your community? Do you want to obtain more data to inform regarding when it may be possible to lift social distancing, open businesses, or go back to tightened control measures?

COVID-19 Virus Testing of Environmental Samples

COVID-19 test for surface swabs, air samples, and water samples.