The HF183 Human Fecal Marker, and EPA Method 1696

The HF183 Human Fecal Marker, and EPA Method 1696

What it is?

A DNA fragment from the 16S rRNA gene of Bacteroides primarily associated with human fecal material. It was named after the forward primer HF183 (e.g.“human” “forward” “183”) of the original published PCR assay.


  • 2000. 1st marriage: HF183/Bac708
  • 2005. 2nd marriage HF183/SSHBac-R
  • 2010. 3rd marriage HF183/BFDrev
  • 2014. 4th marriage HF183/BacR287


Over the past two decades, the HF183 marker underwent evaluation in numerous individual lab, regional, national, cross-continental method evaluation studies. Today, it is regarded as one of the most thoroughly evaluated and best human markers. U.S. EPA has published method 1696 (HF183/BacR287) in the federal registry in March 2019.

Source Molecular’s lab routinely analyzes environmental samples for HF183 with both qPCR and advanced droplet digital PCR. We also offer testing with EPA Method 1696 and EPA Method 1697.

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